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Grief is a strange companion

I carry you like a jacket

worn inside my skin

I hate making dinner alone

but you’re not coming home

Grief is a strange companion

it feels like this cabin

which has been abandoned

is lonely and a bit forlorn

my enthusiasm for the novel

kept me home in the evening

your enthusiasm for the novel

turned out to be fatal

laughter to ashes

life seems to keep living

days pass like regret

I carry you Brett 

inside my chest

heavy and warm

the garden comes down in fall storms

it’s quieter here than suits my ears

I hate making dinner alone


look up

even the dogs stop

mid motion


watch the Ravens

coast far overhead

in epic, creeping circles

and my mind is undone 

in the filtered sun

hypnotized by the glory 

and quiet

Haiku for me

The three of us lay

you, me and your anger

Only you get up


It’s taken all day

chasing clouds you left behind

spring cleaning my mind


See how I free me

crocus multiply within

me; I am blooming

On Top of The World

On the Top Of The World

You and I

came together

above perpetual skies

hiding vast ranges

while time undressed 

herself before us

we were not shy

Young and unarmed




make a little birdie nest

Hey you, 

             make a little birdie nest

you don’t seem to wanna get dressed

Lordy child this mama knows

what it is like 

when you don’t want to wear clothes

Snuggle back in before the day begins

I’ll stop the clock and lock the door

stoke the fire and rock in my chair

It’s raining out there, anyhow

Even Darth Vader has a heart of gold

Inside, Outside this yurt

Even Darth Vader has a heart of gold

and I am told

this baby of mine

is a hobo clown

spirals of laughter 

as you wind down

onto the ground

writhing  like worms

my trifecta of sons

your brilliance is blinding