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Living the Grid Life

Greetings friends and family!

We are mere weeks from heading back to the property.  Our good friends just went home yesterday leaving behind lots of fun memories and a day of cleaning!  Today we are taking it mellow with a morning of weekend cartoons and spelt blueberry pancakes with cantaloupe. 

Mr.T  has arrived back to face the winter damage and do spring clean up.  Uncle B is housesitting off the land with his new puppy for the time being. 

To recap- we left in the fall under short notice and came to Saskatoon to live in my (very generous) parents basement for the winter.  Mr.T  joined us around Christmas when his movie set job was done and worked for a Mennonite building a log cabin for the remainder of the winter.

My parents are in Cuba, and the boys and I are alone at last!  Well, we are on day 1 of 8 now- so that isn’t too bad. 

I’m starting to blog now, before anything interesting happens so I get in the habit before leaving easy internet and electricity access.  I’ll use these next weeks to set the stage for the summer to enfold as we figure out how to winterize the yurt, get water flowing, electricity going in place without having to go to move back into my parents basement next September.  My inlaws had the special privilege of bonding with our cats and dogs all winter.  We owe so much to our family, who have all helped pick us up and wipe us off after our second failed winter attempt on the land!  This blog will be about family life, crafts, (lack of) organization, yurt living, recipes, my mental and physical health.  My sister blog The Dream of a Ridiculous Man will chronical the development of our raw land into our personal paradise. 

Here is to Spring 2011- “It’s time to wake up from our long winter’s rest” says Coach Rapper (my oldest sons self picked screen name).


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