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Goodby to the Grid Life, Packing Day

So, here I stand procrastinating on packing while Coach Rapper and His Lordship crafting away on a Easter gift for Gramma and Grampa and #3 strapped to  my back.  The Easter Bunny always brings a birdfeeder for the kids and this year we are turning it around and Easter Bunnying my parents with feeders the kids have painted. 

We are leaving earlier than planned because my parents stairs are being torn out on Monday.  I got a good deal for a hotel on Monday night about 1/3 of the way home, and in the process of booking one ( ) for Tuesday.  I’ll have 2 500-600km days and 1 300ishkm day alone with the 3 wild boys.  Should be fun.  We have a hot dog roast planned with good friends for lunch on Monday 2 hours into the drive.

I am nervous.  Oh yes I am.  When I left, it was dark, rainy, I felt terrible.  The laundry was overwhelming onces the days got colder and muddier.  On more than one occassion I filled every single washing machine in the Castlegar Laundrymat.  !On the upside- the laundrymat has free wifi so I aim to post at least 1x a week from there

There is gravity fed water in the yard now.  Wedged into the crack of our hand thrown Magician Creek.  The water comes out so crytal clear and tastes like magic, or well, nothing.  I am not actually sure if I am okay with this or not.  A) I said I wasn’t going back until the pump was in for the well and we had running water and B) this divertes the water from our little garden pond and dammit, that’s my secret garden go dig your own mother effing water supply!  But then, I would rather not haul water from the neighbours well than have a pond.  Le sigh.  I have no idea if Mr.T has purchased a pump or not.  We speak briefly every 4-5 days when he calls from a payphone or a friend’s house.  I get the odd email.  I have to not really think about it, because I worry about him falling out of a tree or lighting a forest fire ( he assures me he can put out the fires he starts with a shovel.)

So there is that.  We have a small black hose with potable water running constantly in the yard.

I have no idea where our new woodstove is- if Mr.T has picked it up, or if it is still in Castlegar.

I have no idea if our new big! propane generator is going yet. 

I have no idea if there has been a pump purchased, or if a plumber has been found.

I actually have no idea what the new steps up to the Yurt look like.

And he has no idea we will be there on Wednesday.  Last we spoke I told him Friday.

!Wednesday should be interesting

Hey darlin’- if you read this before I get home, we will be there on Wednesday now and uhh, can you please make sure the composting toilet is shovelled out before we get there?


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  1. blurg…I’m glad for you that you are going home, wishing you safe and easy travel days and wonderful memories with your boys, as well as a reunion with J.

    But for me, who will be seeking your ghost in Saskatoon only ONE WEEK to the day since you will leave there, I will cry a few tears of yet another chance to see you foiled. I heave a great sigh, as you are one of my mamas, one of my heart sisters, and I really wanted to see your beautiful face.

    Ah well,,,, perhaps one day 🙂

    April 23, 2011 at 11:47 am

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