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Barefoot running; perfection of the morning

The last two mornings it has snowed.

The kids have been wearing winter jackets in the house in the morning.

We really need to pick up the new wood stove.

We’ve been fighting.

We’ve been laughing.

I went for a 3K run this morning before anyone was awake in my new <a href=””>Soft Star Run Amocs</a>  I’ve been planning on starting Couch to 5K, but didn’t have the walk/run times or a watch- so I just ran and walked when I needed to.

Fog was settled in the valley, trailing in long wisps through the skeleton cottonwoods.  I could see my breath.  I ran, like my body was built for running.  I meditated on my heart beat and my oxygenated blood pumping through my body.  I saw where the clover was full and green, where it was just emerging.  I know this is because there is water in the land.  You can see stripes of growth all of the mountain side.  If I dug there with my dirt covered hands from my pre run gardening, I would find water.

I hiked up a stream I found, to see where it goes.  resting on logs returning to earth.

There is snow tucked in shadow pockets.  It will be gone by noon.  I touch it with my toe and it dissolves with the heat of motion.

Because I can, I run.  My feet hitting the tail fluidly, solid, muscles adjusting to the curve of the ground.  I feel rocks and sticks, in a good way.  I feel balanced.  I am in love with minimal running shoes or barefoot running.  So far I’ve put about 25K on them, mostly on a treadmill.  My RunAmocs provide just the right amount of protection underfoot.  They fit really loose around the top of the foot- so I was skeptical they would stay on  and during the hiking portion of my journey they did slip around.  For running on relatively level paths with lots of big hills they were just amazing.  Usually my calves hurt or I feel like I have shin splints while running.  Not at all with barefoot or minimal running shoes!

I get back in and drink fresh pressed espresso bean coffee out of pottery with heavy cream.  The clouds are parting and blue skies are poking through.

There is a pile of dishes in the yard.  I imagine left over the winter when the water was frozen in the lines.

I am rearranging the kitchen, the bedrooms and finding homes for everything.

During the night the kids pressed close to me for warmth- I lay awake cold and careful not to smother them while my arm cramped up under my head.

The boys are so happy.  Water pours from a hose in the yard and they play, with mittens on laughing and silent.  Exploring waterways and river systems.  Making oceans and spraying themselves in the face.

There is so much to do it’s overwhelming.

There is so much to do that anything you do makes a difference.

My soft city hands are covered with scrapes.  My rubber boots are muddy.  I am alive.  Surrounded by life.


One response

  1. nice. running is good! i have found it too.
    oh boy, i am excited for you to be back out there. with rivers and trees and such. and wood stoves? or winter jackets, whichever’s most accessible!

    April 29, 2011 at 9:29 pm

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