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5036 feet above sea level is not a hill. It is a mountain. Dammit.

Today, at least 4 people referred to the Bonanza Summit as the top of the hill.

Oh yeah, Cal-Gas- at the top of the hill.  Like that.

Now, I know I am from the prairies and anything over oh, 50 ft is a mountain to me.  But seriously a major PSA for those born in the mountains- 5036 feet is a mountain.  Period.

If you had mentioned Mountain, I may have found Cal-Gas sooner.  You know as in- Cal-Gas- way the  hell out of town, on the mountain.

Luckily the folks at Cal-Gas were amazing.  Breaking news!  Before Mr.T even knows!  On Thursday morning the worker dude is coming out to have a boo (not my words!) at our generator and yurt and to figure out where to put a giant propane tank that would last us all winter.  This will be our major power source.  We scored Guardian Plus Generator last fall from Wild Bill.

As in hot water all winter.  As in baseboard heaters on a timer that start up at 4am all winter.  As in a dishwasher.  That is right mother fuckers, a dishwasher. Maybe an industrial dishwasher that power washes the hell out of my dishes in 90 seconds.  If I can find one.

Apparently I have a potty mouth today.  My mother and husband would not approve.

Speaking of Wild Bill I went and had some words with him (polite ones) about my bath tub, water tank and propane stove.  I told him I would come back and bug him about it in a couple days.

Very successful thrift day today.  We got a free bike for his Lordship as well as a toy lawnmower and a tonka dumper from a lady in the parking lot of the thrift store.  Apparently we look like a more needy charity.

Hey Auntie G- I must have taken those wool slippers that belong to K-man, I have two pairs of the beige-white ones in the same size.  Sorry!  Want me to mail them, or you can get them when you come?

To everyone who has commented, emailed or otherwise sent me a message- I appreciate them all, and do read them and will work on replying individually!

Right now I’m in the van on the little notebook I bought plugged into the lighter with a little inverter outside of the laundromat.

I tried to take Coach Rapper to school today, but they wouldn’t take him.  He will start on Wednesday, probably in the K-1 split.

It was cold this morning, but the afternoons are pretty hot- in the 20’s.

Sorry about the lack of pics- I left my battery charger and extra camera battery behind but hopefully they (and my rain coat!!!) are on the bus now.

I’m going to try and drag my butt out of bed tomorrow morning before any of the kids or Mr.T wake up so I can run.

Talk to you all soon!


5 responses

  1. G-Unit

    That is exciting news about the giant propane tank to heat the winter!
    We were looking for those slippers the other day…honestly, just glad to know where they are so I won’t lose my mind searching. Don’t bother sending them, we’ll just get them in July.
    Have a great run tomorrow 🙂 Lots of love XOXO

    May 3, 2011 at 5:26 am

  2. nanny

    Also very glad to hear about the generator. What’s happening with the wood stove?

    Do you guys need a double kitchen sink (stainless steel) and faucet? I have the one that was here – perfectly good – we had to replace with an under counter model for the granite.

    If so, we could bring on a visit.

    I could offer a bathtub too but not quite sure when we’ll be pulling this one out.

    Love to all

    May 3, 2011 at 7:19 am

  3. nanny

    BTW, tell Owen that today was the first Owen Sydney’s birthday. Almost 90 years ago.

    May 3, 2011 at 7:20 am

  4. cameransmommy

    Heat? A Dishwasher? A notebook plugged into the lighter? Yay! Things are happening! When i was in Scotland, someone convinced me to go on a walk. Yeah, they should have been more clear about climbing to the highest mountain in the UK. Sure….just a walk. Mountain people! ha!

    May 4, 2011 at 12:30 pm

  5. Rae Blu

    I still ponder your 2-dishwasher kitchen idea. If my house was big (we’re under 1000 sq ft), I’d consider it more seriously.

    May 24, 2011 at 6:02 pm

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