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No Big Deal Paleo Pancakes

1.5 cups of raw walnuts
1 cup roasted cashews
1/4 cup almond butter
1 tsp almond extract
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp cream of tartar
3 eggs
1/4 cup of water

Blend in food processor until smooth and fluffy.

Cook in a frying pan over medium low heat for a couple minutes on each side.

Totally yummy, totally easy.


Monday Morning Paleo -istic Pancakes

I know lots of people love following detailed recipes on beautiful blogs- and I also know there are lots of busy parents out there just looking for something quick, mindless and filling that their kids will actually eat. Lots of people like to ‘cook by heart’. If this is you, I encourage you to play around with ‘paleo’ like ingredients and see what you come up with. So far going grain free has allowed me to still whip together a delicious pancake on the fly.

Today I went with:

Monday Morning Paleo-istic Pancakes

1.5 cups raw walnuts
.5 cup raw almonds

(food processor or blender about 60 seconds)
add in:

1 small banana
3 eggs
1/4 cup almond butter
1 tbsp vanilla
1tbsp maple syrup
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp cream of tartar

Teach it all a lesson for another minute or two.
Pre heat frying pan to medium temperature (when water droplets jump around in pan).
Cook for 90 seconds on each side.


Sunday Morning Paleo Pancakes

I made up this super easy pancake recipe this morning. We fed 3 adults and 3 kids with no leftovers, and no complaints of hunger.

1 cup raw walnuts
1 cup raw almonds

Teach em a lesson with a food processor or use ground almond/walnut meal

add to your nut meal

4 eggs
1tbsp vanilla
1tbsp baking powder

Cook just like pancakes. I like to keep them on the smaller side so we don’t end up with undercooked middles.

We enjoyed them with maple syrup, sour cherry syrup and just plain depending on the connoisseur. They were gone before I got any real pictures of them! They had a really nice texture and rose very similarly to wheat pancakes. The walnut flour is the trick, I believe.

Beyond Paleo- Paleo(esq) for the everyman, everyday

I`m looking for dietary solutions for migraines, endometriosis and bipolar. I`ve been bumbling though a gazillion websites and here is another great one, that takes a measured approach to the paleo-diet. My least favorite part of what I`ve been reading about Paleo influenced diets is the lack of focus on eating local and seasonally. This is really important to me, as a rural resident surrounded by farms. I just can feel the bristles going up when I read so many recipes focusing on exotic foods such as coconut milk. Don`t get me wrong, I triple heart coconut milk. I am just trying to wrap my mind around all the transport potentially involved in any diet not focused on what`s grown at home. I am finding plenty of gardens in paleosphere blogs, so I`m going to try to plow through lots of them before ordering seeds this year. Our goal is to be fairly self sufficient in the grand future, I`m curious what sorts of nut trees thrive in a 6B garden…

Without further ado, my link of the day.
Beyond Paleo, Moving from a paleo diet to a paleo template

Looking at mental health and diet: Wheat, Bipolar and Schizophrenia

Wheat & Mental Illness

Wow. I’m really just wide eyed and dumbfounded by the internet. I’ve been out of the loop for ages and ages and just haven’t had a chance to dig through the web. I keep finding fascinating stuff that is stopping me in my tracks.

I have a new girl crush and her name is Emily Deans. She writes a blog called Evolutionary Psychiatry. If you or someone you love have mental skillness, do check it out.

Today we made cookies with spelt, oats and dark chocolate. I ate ONE cookie. I very quickly felt violently ill and 2 hours later still have a belly ache. I had chills and cold sweats. Wow. I actually didn’t really believe the stories of “carb poisoning” before this. By far the most grains/sugar I’ve had in ages. So not worth it.

Now, I really don’t know enough about any of this to have anything of my own to say about it, but it seems important to pass on!

I really enjoyed this skeptical review of WheatBelly from

Skeptical review of Wheat Belly

I found this to be interesting. The lady is pretty hard core, as she basically says the Paleo Community need not read this book because there are other, better, more correct sources out there. It sounds to me like the book will have good audience among “North American Diet” folks, as sorta a ‘paleo lite’ answer. Seems that this is probably a needed genre of book because most people won’t flip their whole diet on it’s head at once. It’s a lot easier to picture cutting out a couple foods than a whole wack. Since we’ve already been grain reduced for a while, I’m going to be pursuing the paleosphere and trying to sift out science fiction from science fact. It’s confusing though- because nobody agrees on what is okay for paleo anyway (ie almond flour).

Teaching mindfulness to children to ease anxiety

Mindfulness for children

A friend directed me here and the wave of emotion I felt reading it surprised me. We have long taught Coach Rapper breathing techniques, and he he liked to go into the cat shed to meditate and would do so throughout the summer of his own accord, just to get some space or to retreat from the chaos of 3 boys in under 5 years plunked in a yurt in the bush with no utilities. Let it be known that Coach Rapper is as quirky as I am (or Mr.T) and all of the craziness of the last few years hasn’t been quite what I would have planned if I well, was capable of planning for a high needs baby who didn’t sleep through the night until he was 3, or maybe it was chronic lack of sleep that made us think we should jump ship and homestead. Somehow we have totally dropped this since we left Erie Kingdom and made our way to the city. The combo of the faster paced life, leaving Daddy behind for a month, starting school- he has really been struggling the last few weeks with anxiety.

I don’t like my life he said,

when did he get so introspective?
deep breath, rolling thoughts, calm.
it’s hard he said, to be the oldest, I want to be the baby instead
It’s loud he said, my head it hurts
my brothers are too crazy
My head feels weird, my head feels numb

Try breathing deep, another breath
in through the nose and out through the mouth
his growing body all legs and arms relaxes
go ahead and breath my sun, clear your mindfulness
Mama, I almost never feel lonely or sad he said, I carry you in my head”
With his last hurrah’s, he thanked me for our family bed.