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Teaching mindfulness to children to ease anxiety

Mindfulness for children

A friend directed me here and the wave of emotion I felt reading it surprised me. We have long taught Coach Rapper breathing techniques, and he he liked to go into the cat shed to meditate and would do so throughout the summer of his own accord, just to get some space or to retreat from the chaos of 3 boys in under 5 years plunked in a yurt in the bush with no utilities. Let it be known that Coach Rapper is as quirky as I am (or Mr.T) and all of the craziness of the last few years hasn’t been quite what I would have planned if I well, was capable of planning for a high needs baby who didn’t sleep through the night until he was 3, or maybe it was chronic lack of sleep that made us think we should jump ship and homestead. Somehow we have totally dropped this since we left Erie Kingdom and made our way to the city. The combo of the faster paced life, leaving Daddy behind for a month, starting school- he has really been struggling the last few weeks with anxiety.

I don’t like my life he said,

when did he get so introspective?
deep breath, rolling thoughts, calm.
it’s hard he said, to be the oldest, I want to be the baby instead
It’s loud he said, my head it hurts
my brothers are too crazy
My head feels weird, my head feels numb

Try breathing deep, another breath
in through the nose and out through the mouth
his growing body all legs and arms relaxes
go ahead and breath my sun, clear your mindfulness
Mama, I almost never feel lonely or sad he said, I carry you in my head”
With his last hurrah’s, he thanked me for our family bed.


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