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Leaving for Erie Mountain tomorrow, a bit suddenly!

There is so much to say, I don’t know where to start.
Basically, I am either having seizures (more likely) or psychosis (less likely) and our dear friend Shannon is going to drive us home to BC, where early next week they will do an EEG and then go from there.
Mostly, things are better than ever and with the prescription adjustments I’ve had over the last month I am experiencing enough clarity to recognize that hey, maybe I am not crazy and my brain shouldn’t be a constant electrical storm where I feel like reality is time lapsed and full of strange auras and sensations. And I mean, I am open to me being totally off the wall fucking nuts, I am. I am even at peace with that. Either way, the $800 a month worth of migraine and anti psychotics and such hasn’t actually done anything but mood stabilize me to the point where I could view my brain with objectivity. I really need to be post brain check ups to comprehend all of this, but thought I would let anyone interest know, from me what is going on. I feel like I have a week to get things more sorted out, before I hit my pre ovulation experience.
I’ll update sometime next week. I am feeling rather optimistic about things right now.

At home, the new wood stove is in, the propane generator is all hooked up and running perfectly (although more loudly than the website and seller promised.) I am not really sure beyond that. Our plan is to just wing it, depending on how all the medical stuff plays out. I emailed Coach Rapper’s school and told them to send the bus for him next Wednesday morning. He needs time to adjust to the change before adding in another one. We have a hotel room booked for tomorrow night in Fort Macleod, so will be half way home then!

Looking forward to seeing Mr.T and checking out my gardens in the winter. Maybe digging out my dahlia to see if I can save them for next year.