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In my mother’s garden- Happy Canada Day Poem

I am home
soft rain
soft mint
two bumblers dutifully attending
tall lilies- hot orange and prideful
weeping raspberries heavy from June
I can imagine
empty spaces and radical homemakers
transforming dirt to tables
laden with their bounty
The prairie spirit runs through my core
shaking my walls
this is a world of privilege
where perennials change hands
seeds are saved
and people are grateful
for the freedom in the wind
the safety of seeing the future coming
from off in the distance
every plant has a story
woven through time and tradition
to carry us through
hard times

the gift I’ve been given
barefoot, red strawberries
children of plants from my childhood
crashes my veins
empowering me to step away
and into the dirt
transforming into the radical
women homesteading the harsh Canadian prairie
grateful for the privilege
of hard work
and freedom