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Parenting with heart


make a little birdie nest

Hey you, 

             make a little birdie nest

you don’t seem to wanna get dressed

Lordy child this mama knows

what it is like 

when you don’t want to wear clothes

Snuggle back in before the day begins

I’ll stop the clock and lock the door

stoke the fire and rock in my chair

It’s raining out there, anyhow


Even Darth Vader has a heart of gold

Inside, Outside this yurt

Even Darth Vader has a heart of gold

and I am told

this baby of mine

is a hobo clown

spirals of laughter 

as you wind down

onto the ground

writhing  like worms

my trifecta of sons

your brilliance is blinding

I share my bed

My face is braille to your tiny hands

briefly; in the night

assured you are not asleep in the grasses, left out for the lions

you settle without unsettling

and I wonder at your wholeness

grateful for your breathing

even and steady and time

which has become a gift

unfolding itself before me

in spite of itself 

truly amazing technology

(you my darling)

is indistinguishable from magic 

and you are surely magic


I watch with childish glee
perched up on my mountain as the school bus rolls past
without slowing
my 3 sit, snuggled together
playing video games
while the genny’s warm hum
bakes paleo muffins
the skies clear
and here
huddled in the old growth
I am the pupil
privy to lessons on humble sincerity
witness to the secrets
of The Brotherhood.

Full contact word play; boys are weird

My crew was bashing each other as they rolled up the stairs from sidewall to sidewall.

“Quit fighting!”

They stopped and looked at me in surprise. “We’re not fighting.”

Chaos ensues.

“Well then stop rough-housing!”

Pure innocence and a nanosecond of silence. “We’re not rough-housing!”

mmrrrph. I come by the marge simpson marge noise naturally it seems.

“What ARE you doing?

“Playing a word game.”

So I listen more closely to the sing song sounds under the swinging arms and headlocks.

My 4 yr old lisps “What do you get if you take a D off of Door?”
Big Bro “Oar! And What’s an Oar?” “A paddle”
4 yr old “and if you put an M on Oar what do you get?”

Why do all boy games need to be full contact?

I kicked them outside and they kept it up.

Haiku for the Evil Wizard

He falls while running
“Me just crying for whining”
Arms around neck hold tight

He bit his brother
Wrecked the butter, spilled water
Throw lego start fight

Perfect breath on chest
Small whisper “me love you most”
Eyes roll back goodnight

My changing views of children’s television, bring on the mind numbing trite.

With Coach Rapper I was truly horrified by the content of programming for young children. Granted, he spoke like a tiny professor from his first birthday on, but really I would have been horrified even if he had been mute until age 3 like the Evil Wizard. With the Evil Wizard when I let him over indulge in television at a young age it was because I was sick, pregnant and single parenting. At first I opted for select educational videos. But lets face it, Dora just is way more zombifying and mind numbing. Even if you knew me then perhaps you did not know I succumbed to Dora. It’s just one of those dark and shameful secrets of pregnancy.
With #3 I have no excuse.
Well, I do, kinda. I am lazy, and I am okay with it. It’s 7:04am and I have been up for 2 hours and haven’t had to do any parenting at all, except slice fruit. I am sitting in a bed with sheets I don’t have to wash, going to have a bath with water I don’t have haul and boil. Although I cringe as I hear the mind numbing trite on Harry & Bucket o’ Dino’s, I relax again, knowing even the smallest viewers are staring and drooling. Having their tiny minds filled with generic moralizing and a calm, demeaning vocabulary. “In the Yukon the little boys used to watch Transformers.” I say to The King while stealing a sip of his coffee. “Imagine how much more violent ours would be if we let them watch that. It’s totally got to be rated R or something like that”. The King wiggles his eyebrows pleasantly in his most conversational morning response.

3 more nights in the lap of luxury and then back to the honest life. I must say I am looking forward to it. As much as I have enjoyed February in the hotel I am thoroughly itching to get back to Erie Kingdom and get my hands back in the dirt. Or snow. We still have heaps and heaps of snow.