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Epic Rap about Mothering for my oldest son and all you Mums, because I’m cool like that.

Hey lil brotha, listen to this motha

I get rap.  I say- Yo.  I get rap.  It’s just a little poem with a lot of rhyming.

Boy- I get poems.  Son- I get poems.

I get rap.  I AM RAP!

Let me lay it down, so we’re on the same ground, listen to my story, it ain’t boring

Can I get a scritch scratch?

Scritch Scratch!

Take out the trash, check the butt rash.  I’m gonna plant a tree ’cause I’m green like that

and my neighbors APP says green’s the new black which makes me wanna rap ’cause I’m green like that.

Can I get a Hip-Hop?

Hip Hop!

I got myself some new Mum jeans at Wal-Wart because I’m poor like that.  They have got a wide elastic to hold in my Mum fat.  I’ll plug that.  Just 20 bucks and they survived hot at the laundromat.

Boy look at me hit that rhyme, lay on the mic, double time.

My mind is a strange and exuberant place to be

Even I have trouble keeping up with me

Imagination Wild and Free

Can I get a Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeen?




The gift horse of video games, parenting boys

Once upon a time I bristled at video games.  6 years and 3 sons (and a husband) later and I have a video game shack in the yard.

I’m okay with this.  Really.  When Mr.T set out to build the man hut I was truly offended, I mean, after all we have a ton of stuff we need working on in the yard.  Do we really need 100sq foot cabin with loft?  The answer is yes.  I love the Hide Out.  It’s my favorite room in the house.  But I rarely go into it.

This is where weapons are sent, noisy toys go to die and where my trifecta  snuggles into blankets, busts out the popcorn and gets into LEGO video games.

The oldest is particularly die hard in his gaming love, but I know it is just time before the others follow suit.

The following is the genius of Mr. T and is working so very well I need to brag.

Labor = video game minutes.

Coach Rapper will do anything for video game time.  He comes and ASKS me if there is any thing he can do.  He takes out the compost AND washes it down and returns the pail to the counter.  The play loft has never been cleaner!  He picked up wood for Mr.T ALL afternoon.  He cut grass.  He is the garbage and recycling patrol.

And we are stingy.  2 minutes, occasionally 5 minutes or more offered.

For example- I have a standing offer for 30 minutes of screen time for picking up a wheelbarrow full of rocks from the yard.  He has accepted the offer, but he is only about 10% done.

So step back for a second.

He is counting ALL the time amounts up.

“So if I pick up all the playmobil I’ll be at 47 minutes?”

We’re too broke to pony up for allowance.  And 2 minutes of gaming is a WAY bigger incentive than 25 cents!

And, the best part?  I would have let him play anyway.

*note- this method does not work on ornery 3 yr olds.


My post post post modern definitive guide to parenting

So here is the thing.

Kids? They are just people.

What do you mean, just people?

That’s it, they are just people.

How do you know?

I dunno, I guess my Mum told me or something like that.

So, they are really just people? 

Totally just people.

So how do we treat them?

Like people.

You know- like someone who will remember and ruminate on your relationship for the rest of their lives.  Like they are conscious beings.  Like they are really nice crazy people who happen to live with you, but you aren’t afraid of them.  Like you want your teenagers to treat you.  Like they have feelings, and opinions that matter.





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