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Lessons in Love

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Happy 40th Anniversary Mum & Dad. Thanks for sticking it through, even when you had 3 ungrateful teenagers hell bent on ruining your lives.


A love poem for Coach Rapper (who is nervous about starting school again tomorrow)

Darling this isn`t the end of the world, no matter what you say;
These leaves are falling, crushing, lifting into another day.
The way your breath hits the air, like pop eye cigarettes;
The way your feet hit the ground pounding with every step.
Your heart is beating, you are heavy breathing, everything is okay.
Hold still my love, hold still my love, tomorrow`s another day.

Is the HPV Vax safe?

This will take you to an awesome data visualization of the safety of the HPV VAX.

Early Fall Photo Gallery

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Late Summer Photo Gallery 2

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September spun by with a cool breeze and warm sun. This morning was first frost. A light one, but definitely a frost. My green tomatoes hang heavy with my first bumper crop, I think I wasn’t aggressive enough in pruning them back this year and they became quite the jungle. Towards fall when I was worrying about this day coming I started ripping off new blooms and excess growth. I did this twice earlier in the summer as well. The compost alone I’ve gained from all the tomato greens has certainly paid for the transplants. I am looking forward to ‘harvesting’ my compost in the spring. I must tell you that the compostable chip bags do not compost in 18 months and made last years compost unready this spring.

The kids and I are heading off hopefully this weekend for a few blissful weeks of water and central heat and fun city things to do. We will be in internet zone for almost a month, so hopefully I can get back in the swing of blogging.

Mr.T is going to juggle some building work for us and for a neighbour and we will come home when our laundryroom/family closet/bathroom is built. I’ll warn you, it’s gonna be rustic.

We will be back in the Kootenays for November for sure since I am having the following surgeries- Laparoscopy, Bilateral Salpungectomy, Hysterosypy, Ablation and possible removal of endo/hysterectomy.  I’m planning on watching the surgeries on You Tube, but haven’t gotten the chance yet.  If you’ve been through any of these and are feeling chatty- fill me in.  So far, the big question for me is “Is that going to make my belly button hurt?”

Oddly, the Gyno told me that that isn’t what most women ask, they are usually more worried about the scraping down/removal of internal organs. I however am pretty darn excited about missing out on 30 more years of menses!

Coach Rapper is enjoying school.  He is in love with his teacher who he describes as “slim and beautiful with long blond hair”.  It’s true, she is lovely, and very sweet.  I met her today and the adoration is mutual. We are having a few little hiccups along the way as my little man works out the big bad world of social dynamics of the school bus, including a marshmallow gun going off right into his eye with some nasty swelling and our nieghbour and his little friend deciding he is “bored” of sitting with him.  He is rolling with the punches though and comes home happy with his day, and lots of questions.

Well, I better be going home right away, it’s almost 11pm!

Dirt Rich; Mid June photo gallery

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No jobs for me

So, it is already June 2nd.  Happy Birthday Mum!

I’ve spent the last few days looking for a job.  The lack of jobs in the Kootenay’s is staggering.  I’ve been searching within 50km of us in every direction and have only found a handful of jobs to even apply for.  I’ve dropped resumes off at quite a few places that aren’t hiring, just in case.  I went to the employment center and well, my resume and approach is fine.  There just isn’t any unskilled work available.

My top 3 hopefuls are a greenhouse, the Kidney Foundation as a coordinator of volunteers and doing a kids art camp in Salmo during the Farmer’s Market.  The art camp job would be through the Community Center, and if it pulls through will be a made up by me job and only a few hours a week.  As in 5-7 hours/week.  Which isn’t quite enough.

Mr. T has also been looking for work.  No luck there either.  I am looking for jobs for him to apply for too.  There just aren’t any.  Some hope about some work, later in the summer.

It’s kinda depressing.  I mean, we WANT to work, but not even Wal-Wart is hiring.

Currently all our projects that cost money to complete are pretty much on hold.  We are waiting for a plumber to be available for the well pump- I’m hoping in the next couple weeks.

The lady at the employment center suggested, kindly, that maybe we should give up our dream and sell our land.  Le Sigh.  Because then my family could try and find a house to rent at way more than our land payments are and then we would have no equity at all.  And the land beside us has been on the market for 3 years.  So it’s not like anyone is beating a path down to our door to buy it from us anyway.  The economy here is just dead.

When we bought the job market was fairly slow, but it existed.  The face of our town is a-changing though as retirees move out and young families move in.

So, if you have a job and live close to us- we would be happy to take it.

Interestingly, I don’t think I really *got* the economic crisis and job market until I actually started looking for work myself.  Even though I know lots of people who have had trouble finding work- including my husband.  I always kind of felt like I was good at getting jobs.

All the projects are pretty much on slow mo as we work at securing income.  Maybe it’s time to reconsider the farmers market…