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Sunday Morning Paleo Pancakes

I made up this super easy pancake recipe this morning. We fed 3 adults and 3 kids with no leftovers, and no complaints of hunger.

1 cup raw walnuts
1 cup raw almonds

Teach em a lesson with a food processor or use ground almond/walnut meal

add to your nut meal

4 eggs
1tbsp vanilla
1tbsp baking powder

Cook just like pancakes. I like to keep them on the smaller side so we don’t end up with undercooked middles.

We enjoyed them with maple syrup, sour cherry syrup and just plain depending on the connoisseur. They were gone before I got any real pictures of them! They had a really nice texture and rose very similarly to wheat pancakes. The walnut flour is the trick, I believe.


I really enjoyed this skeptical review of WheatBelly from

Skeptical review of Wheat Belly

I found this to be interesting. The lady is pretty hard core, as she basically says the Paleo Community need not read this book because there are other, better, more correct sources out there. It sounds to me like the book will have good audience among “North American Diet” folks, as sorta a ‘paleo lite’ answer. Seems that this is probably a needed genre of book because most people won’t flip their whole diet on it’s head at once. It’s a lot easier to picture cutting out a couple foods than a whole wack. Since we’ve already been grain reduced for a while, I’m going to be pursuing the paleosphere and trying to sift out science fiction from science fact. It’s confusing though- because nobody agrees on what is okay for paleo anyway (ie almond flour).

Paleo Parents mini egg pizzas

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I am loathe to say I didn`t think these up myself. Take a basic crustless quiche and stuff it with pizza goodies. That is pretty much it.
They were delicious. 3 thumbs up from my testers.

If you haven`t already, check out this blog. It`s fantastic.