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Early Fall Photo Gallery

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Late Summer Photo Gallery 2

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September spun by with a cool breeze and warm sun. This morning was first frost. A light one, but definitely a frost. My green tomatoes hang heavy with my first bumper crop, I think I wasn’t aggressive enough in pruning them back this year and they became quite the jungle. Towards fall when I was worrying about this day coming I started ripping off new blooms and excess growth. I did this twice earlier in the summer as well. The compost alone I’ve gained from all the tomato greens has certainly paid for the transplants. I am looking forward to ‘harvesting’ my compost in the spring. I must tell you that the compostable chip bags do not compost in 18 months and made last years compost unready this spring.

The kids and I are heading off hopefully this weekend for a few blissful weeks of water and central heat and fun city things to do. We will be in internet zone for almost a month, so hopefully I can get back in the swing of blogging.

Mr.T is going to juggle some building work for us and for a neighbour and we will come home when our laundryroom/family closet/bathroom is built. I’ll warn you, it’s gonna be rustic.

We will be back in the Kootenays for November for sure since I am having the following surgeries- Laparoscopy, Bilateral Salpungectomy, Hysterosypy, Ablation and possible removal of endo/hysterectomy.  I’m planning on watching the surgeries on You Tube, but haven’t gotten the chance yet.  If you’ve been through any of these and are feeling chatty- fill me in.  So far, the big question for me is “Is that going to make my belly button hurt?”

Oddly, the Gyno told me that that isn’t what most women ask, they are usually more worried about the scraping down/removal of internal organs. I however am pretty darn excited about missing out on 30 more years of menses!

Coach Rapper is enjoying school.  He is in love with his teacher who he describes as “slim and beautiful with long blond hair”.  It’s true, she is lovely, and very sweet.  I met her today and the adoration is mutual. We are having a few little hiccups along the way as my little man works out the big bad world of social dynamics of the school bus, including a marshmallow gun going off right into his eye with some nasty swelling and our nieghbour and his little friend deciding he is “bored” of sitting with him.  He is rolling with the punches though and comes home happy with his day, and lots of questions.

Well, I better be going home right away, it’s almost 11pm!

Still Married after all these years (Happy Anniversary to me and Mr.T) A fall retrospective on off grid living and parenting.

Summer has come and gone and I feel half a sense of relief and half a sense of terror.

Life in Erie Kingdom has been full of one step forward and two steps back.  Our gas generator is broken and our gravity fed water has dried up.  This means daily chores now take up far more time.  I have made the most amazing friend over the summer, I’ll call her Auntie M.  She is in her 70’s and my summer included many visits to her screened in porch for a martini while the kids watched Treehouse on her bed.  She is truly a kindred spirit.  She is also where we get all our water, and gather it in those blue culligan man water bottles.
Other than Auntie M my life has been strikingly void of women these past few months.  Quite simply we are too busy for much socializing.  I welcome these busy days where time slips by like magic, dusk coming sneakingly quick, boys sleeping like drunks.  As I become more aware of the passage of time, and the fact it isn’t slowing down any, I come out of my head more and pay attention to the present moment.  These slices of joyous life I want to save with laugh lines not memories and so have been allowing myself to just live.  The Trifecta of Terror is perfect, they are all so oblivious- These sweet little warriors, mostly of virtue (except for when they bite you in your thigh or say “Die Anyway!” idle their days away playing with bugs and dirt.  I am mostly being reemployed as referee these days.

The mornings are suddenly cold.  We can see our breath.  I’m counting down the days until the new wood stove is in.  Suddenly, the sun comes over the horizon and it is hot.  The picnic table is covered in hats, wool socks and sweaters.  Bathing suits are found.

Mr. T has been organizing and stacking lumber lately and doing some work things- but we now have pretty darn full lumber racks and our ‘turn around’ no longer is full of the movie set salvaged goods and the all the discount cedar we have.  All of this means- the propane truck could make it up, drop off and fill up a 1000lb tank.  I honestly can’t even imagine what it would be like to have electricity at this point.  We have enough electricity to grind coffee and that’s about it.  The kids don’t care though, which is interesting.  They don’t ask much for screen time (anymore- haha), don’t complain about the cold mornings (we have a campfire most mornings these days) and even the Evil Wizard (3) can spot Vega.

Public School starts for Coach Rapper on Tuesday.  I have mixed feelings about this, especially since he will be taking the school bus. However- I don’t want to take all 3 kids to the Laundomat- so to public school he goes.  Luckily Coach Rapper is deliriously happy about the whole set up and is rather excited to sit next to the older boy who taught him the word “sucker” last week.

I am terrified of the cold.  And the dark.  So I am not really sure of what is to come over the next few weeks.  The kids and I have a visit planned to visit my folks for several weeks while Mr. T builds me a bathroom/laundry room/family closet.

I’m riding it out waiting for several different appt’s to see if we can get my migraines figured out.  They are very much hormonal and this last month I had 17 migraine days.  If all goes well we will be heading out in late September, if appt’s get in the way- well who knows.

#2 just pissed his pants, and we are at the park, and it’s getting dark.  Apologies for not rereading this or editing at all!  eek!

Lastly- I love you Mr. T.  Happy Anniversary.


Maybe today I will plant Dahlia

Before the sun makes it over the trees I am a major grump.  To put it politely.

I hate the cold, I feel like I have been cold every single second since I got here.  I hate getting up with the baby in the frigid night.

I hate crawling out of bed and seeing my breath, putting on my jacket, changing #3’s diaper and putting his fleece suit on over his jammers, wool slippers on his feet.

It makes my head pound with angry heat, and I stub my toes and bump my elbows and curse myself for coming home this early.  Why didn’t I wait another 10 days?  10 more days and the mornings wouldn’t be like this.

Sun pouring honey over new leaf buds

It’s morning on the mountain and the chickadees dee dee dee

Sonny boy laugh away some morning dew

Already planning today’s river and civilization destruction

rapid creek water flowing from the gravity fed

turns my yard into valleys and waterways of epic ages

ground steams in the warmth of the day

just begun