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October 2010: dental vs mental round 1

So I left off with me getting out of the hospital.  There isn’t much to say here. 

I spent 3 weeks in pain beyond belief, sleeping and taking load after load of ruined belongings to the dump.  Newborn diapers that I had made, tiny wool, wedding memoriabilia (the photos are okay though!).  Storage under the Yurt had turned out to be a no good terrible, bad idea.  I can’t really remember if Mr.T  was working on the movie then or not, but I know my Mum was there.

I was tested for all sorts of terrible things like Lupus and MS and everything, including my vit D levels (! Yeah, I actually read those links my FIL emails out) were perfect.

My Mum and the kids and I jumped ship to Saskatchewan.

I had an abscesed tooth.  There was a constant drilling pain under my left eye.  The infection went systemic.  I had lots of antibiotics and a root canal. 

Great!  I should be good as new, phew, glad I wasn’t crazy and just had a nasty infection!

*Dusts hands and gets up and walks away, asks silent audience “Did you just hear that phone ring?  No?  Hmm”*

Dammit, I HAD kinda, really, maybe, thought hoped, that getting a root canal would make me stop hearing things.